Connecting the world

We connect people to content and applications to the cloud. With our dual-stack global IP network, we provide the reach and scale you need to bring your ideas to the audience, wherever they are.

Edge computing

Get physically closer to your users by deploying your workload at the edge of internet. Unlike traditional cloud computing, our edge computing platform can be reached by end users with ultra low latency.

Content delivery

Deliver your content at the doorstep of your audience via our global content delivery network. We cache the content in data centres closer to end users, reducing latency as well as your bandwidth costs.

IP transit

Gain access to the full BGP routing table featuring an extensive number of direct connections to various global destinations. Our network is native IPv6, but IPv4 connectivity is offered at no additional charge.

Network consultancy

Use our expertise to your benefit and get the confidence you need for running your BGP network. We can also help you get your own AS number and IPv4/IPv6 addresses as your Local Internet Registry (LIR).

WorldReach operates a fully autonomous network, AS209837. Our focus is on providing no-nonsense services to technically capable customers, backed by xkcd/806 compliant support.

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